A Cinema Worth Saving


Light House Cinema, Smithfield

By Barry Lennon

Lighthouse Foyer

The Light House is Dublin’s lesser spotted cinema. Hidden away in Smithfield’s Market Square it is only known to its loyal cinema-goers. The premises resembles an art gallery.

This is a suitable comparison considering it screens film of quality, championing the art of film. The cinema has not been spared from Ireland’s economic recession. The landlord’s intention to increase rent now threatens the film house’s future.  Despite this, a spokesperson for Light House urges,

“We’re keeping positive about the whole thing.”

However some of its customers are worried. A PR executive, Andrew, said that the closure of the cinema is inevitable.  Andrew, who regularly attended the cinema cited wider consumer problems as a cause.  “I used to go once a fortnight but I’ve had to cut back. I’ve just cancelled my credit card.”

“It’s a pity because it’s a cinema worth supporting,” said teacher, James Lynch.  Although several other cinemas show similar films, The Light House building possesses something unique.

Kate Reilly who works in retail, spoke about what The Lighthouse means to her:

“It’s a gorgeous building,  no where else has the same environment.  It sounds crazy [possible closure].  The landlord should be happy with his lease because he’s going to get nobody else to take it over.”

Sheri Adamson, a New York artist based in Dublin expressed the reaction of film makers should the cinema close. “I would be upset as smaller budget films will suffer.  It’s one of a few places that show non-Hollywood films.”

“Not many people go to the screenings,” she continued.  Outside, barely a dozen  walked through its doors within an hour.  Although not the current problem, the cinema has failed to attract numbers due to its obscure location.  To ensure this unique facility thrives, this issue will need to be addressed.


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