The Homeless Streets of Dublin

By Aislinn Mc Cooey and Cian Mc Kiernan

Homeless embrace on the streets of Dublin

Homelessness has always been a problem even with the economic boom and then bust that Ireland has experienced in the last ten years.

Dublin Simon Community have been looking to combat this for over 40 years.  According to the Simon Community’s last official count,  in 2005, there were 2,000 homeless people in Dublin city, a number which has increased in recent years due to the recession.

But it’s not only the Simon volunteers who think there is a problem with homelessness in Dublin, people on the streets also think this is a problem.

Seán Carroll (18) , a student from Tallaght, thinks there is a serious problem.

“You see more and more people around Templebar begging for change and sitting on the street.”

Janet Richardson (45) from Black Horse Avenue, feels the same.

“There’s a huge problem with homelessness. I work in a hospital and I have had many experiences with homeless people.”

When asked if she had ever had any eventful experiences working with homeless people, Mrs Richardson said

“Working in a hospital you get good and bad experiences but it all depends on the individual.”

There is somewhat of a stigma involved in giving money to homeless people but Mrs Richardson has a better solution.

“I’d much rather give them some soup and a sandwich than whatever change I have in my pocket because it would benefit them better and I wouldn’t know what they’re spending the money on.”

Mr Carroll also felt the same. “I’d prefer to donate money to the Simon Community or St. Vincent De Paul than hand over my coppers to one person.”

Both Mr Carroll and Mrs Richardson feel that homelessness in Dublin is a problem but can be helped by improving funding for support groups such as the Simon Community and improving social housing.

Mrs Richardson went on to say,

“There are quite a lot of empty buildings around at the moment. Surely they could put some funding into that to help out the homeless people.”

With the new government making promises about the eradication of homelessness, hopefully this problem will be tackled effectively.


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