When Irish Eyes Are Wrestling

Dublin Championship Wrestling and the growth of wrestling in Ireland

By Louisa McGrath

Insano doing a 'moonsault' off the top wrope, onto Thunder Titan

There are a few wrestling companies in Ireland, but having been set up last September, Dublin Championship Wrestling (DCW) is the newest.  It has already had many successful shows at a local level and is gaining support.  The first show sold out over 250 seats and people had to be turned away at the door.

Wrestling has always been popular in Ireland, with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) having many Irish viewers, as well as selling out shows in huge venues like the O2 arena.  Dave Power, a wrestler and one of the owners of DCW, said that:

“There is definitely an audience out there for Irish wrestling.  People watch WWE and TNA wrestling and they draw big crowds when their shows come to Ireland.  DCW pushes a local line.”

The most recent and acute rise in the popularity of wrestling in Ireland is largely due to the success of the Irish wrestler Sheamus O’Shaughnessy.  Sheamus, from Cabra in Dublin became the first Irish-born WWE champion ever last December.  The 20 stone, six and a half foot ginger giant has encouraged many Irish people not only to watch the sport, but to take part in it too.  Power commented:

“Sheamus O’Shaughnessy’s rise to the top of the biggest wrestling company in the world a year ago motivated a lot of people to get involved in wrestling.  There are also people who did wrestling in the past that are coming back to it now.  The WWE is looking for European stars.  I think there will be another famous wrestler to come from Ireland soon.”

Last August on Sky Sports News when asked about how popular wrestling is in Ireland, Sheamus himself said: “It’s huge.  Ever since Sky One brought it in, in the late 1980s, it has been growing phenomenally.  It’s growing day by day.”

Power hopes to have DCW’s shows aired on television one day, he said:

 “The goal for DCW is to get on television.  To have that exposure would be fantastic.  Every show has a different aim and we write different stories to keep the audience interested.  The ring and the wrestlers are good enough to be on TV as well.”

Another Irish wrestler, Danny ‘The Pain’ Deans, said: “At one stage Irish wrestling was a sub-culture.  People would mention other organisations, but not Irish ones.  It is starting to get more popular though.  I hope for DCW to be as mainstream one day.”

One good thing about the DCW shows being at a local level is the way they use ideas and props that are personal to Ireland and Dublin.  Some wrestlers wear Dublin jerseys to gain the crowds support, while wearing a Cork one was a way to get shunned.  The show also picks up on the current public opinion of the Catholic Church in Ireland with one of the stories involving an evil priest who hates sinners.



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